I am sure you know Istria well for its beaches and beautiful seaside. But if you turn from the highway to inside of Istria, you will discover green gems of Istria.

Well, let start with Motovun.

Motovun is situated almost in the heart of Istria. It is charming medieval, top hill town, full of beautiful viewpoints, details, colourful houses and great restaurants that are hard to leave..

It is said that Motovun is laying on the crossroad of three strong energy meridians and has incredible strong good energy. So it is not wonder why we feel so good in Motovun. Is it because of the meridians or the wine, I will leave that to you ..

Once you are in Motovun, you will feel immediately relaxed. Small, coble stone streets are so friendly and charming, everything is so stress free! People are having a nice, slow walk on medieval walls, where you are surrounded by green beautiful hills, vineyards and river Mirna. Looking down to the valley of Mirna and woods around it, you are actually looking to the place full of truffles. This area is famous for truffles. There was even found the biggest truffle in the whole world (by family Zigante, and it is noted in Guinness Book of World Records)

The vineyards that you see are the one that gave the wine you can have in Motovun. There are seven wine producers, all small, family producers, but owners of many important prises. Almost all Motovun wines have Decanter’s medals. We can thank that to the position of Motovun, hilly area, the special microclimate here and the different sort of soil. It all help grape to be a bit different of the rest of the wine in Istria, and to be so tasty. Aftertaste of the wine is : A bit more, please!.:)

So, is there any better reason to come to Motovun, have a nice walk and then to sit in a restaurant to taste our homemade pasta with truffles and glass of our best red – teran? Anthony Bourdain did the same and was thrilled, so why wouldn’t you?

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