Body and mind are inseparable wholes

Body hears what mind says

All the stress, anxiety, fear, worry and uncertainty is stored in our bodies. We lose both clarity and focus to what is really important, while joy, creativity, motivation and inspiration stay away from our lives.
Instead of living our lives to the fullest, passionately and joyfully, we feel pain in our bodies, fatigue, inertia, lack of self-confidence and will for everything that is happening around us.

Experience one of the programmes in Istria, change the environment, relax and enjoy nature, company, food and drinks, have fun riding a bike or looking for truffles and charge your batteries.

Wellbeing retreat is what brings you back to your centre. How?
  • Change of the surroundings always well affects the mood. We move physically from everyday life, your job and your familiar surroundings. By changing the place, we change the energy
  • Conscious body movements, with therapeutic impact to your spine, as well as to the rest of the body
  • Learning about techniques of conscious, controlled breathing which can help us overcome stage fright, decrease stress and anxiety, increase energy level, stabilise blood pressure and relax the muscles
  • Meditation exercises which are believed to be a universal cure for all because they affect physical, mental and emotional aspect helping us feel more stable, calm, focused, healthier with better concentration, creativity, memory and they expand mental potential, among other things

The combination of conscious exercises practice, with special breathing techniques and meditation practice and a coaching programme can offer you a wholesome path to finding balance in your life.

Wellbeing retreat can include a coaching programme which covers the topics of openness, the change of limitating beliefs, working with values, as well as business efficiency, and also the enhancement of business and sales techniques.

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