About us

Small groups, exclusive tours! Discover all the secrets of Istria.

About me

Hello, I am Darija – the owner of the agency, a tourist guide and a lover of Istria! As a tour guide, always be I am surprised again what a piece of paradise we live in – Istria will always surprise you with a small, undiscovered corner and pamper yourself with a pleasant climate throughout the year.


Travelatico agency

Travelatico is an agency, created out of love for tourism, many years of experience in leading travel agencies and from desire to combine what I am most happy to do, and that is the organization of travel and exploration and enjoyment in Istria. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends, Travelatico is your partner in the world and a friend in Istria. Travel, art, fine food, good wine, enjoyment with family and friends, laughter and happiness – that’s what life does beautiful! We create memories in Travelatica, and we believe that the most beautiful ones were created on trips, so travel and create memories with us!

Experience Istria

  • Kreativnost sadržaja, fleksibilnost u raznim situacijama, a iznad svega profesionalnost – odlike su branda Travelatico. Zaista je bio užitak bookirati putovanje i prepustiti se! Smještaj, preporuke za restorane, prijateljsko ozračje sa savjetima što posjetiti i gdje se zadržati, ma baš po mojoj mjeri. Travelatico je agencija koja razumije svoje klijente i preporučila bih svakome.

    Tanja Moster

  • Excellent, professional and friendly service. We had fantastic tour with fantastic guide Darija. Thanks for giving us a trip I will remember forever! Highly recommended!

    Zdenko Bakiš

  • Fantastic service! Our guide Darija met and surpassed all my expectations. Very professional, patient and most helpful.

    Mojca Tavčar-Benčić

  • Top agency! Very kind and helpful, Darija is a very reliable and responsible person, excellent service above all!!!

    Jelena Vitasović

  • Great trip to Munich, and great wine tour in Istria

    Barbara Kešmer

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